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Switching things up

Like everyone else, our lives have been thrown upside down because of Corvid-19. Shows have been cancelled, stores and galleries closed, and pottery supplies scarce, and general confusion, so we've been trying to work through that.

Thought this would be the perfect time to play catch up, once I got my head around all that, of course, but the universe had different plans. I had been laid out with the flu for three-four weeks, then not a month later, took a fall on the concrete floor that I'm still recovering from (on week #4 now). I might not be navigating stairs terribly well, but thanks goodness can at least throw again.

For all of you who have been waiting on their orders, I sincerely apologize, but I thank you for your patience. You've all been so awesome. Should have more pots fired very soon.

I finally started looking in earnest to adding a shopping cart on the website. You may notice that my site looks a little different now; that's because I had to move to a different host to accommodate the 3 levels of sales tax (state, county AND municipality) we are expected to collect for in-state online sales here in this State. Still working on the shopping cart, but am closer now.

Not much other news. Things have started to open again, but we're proceeding carefully. Stay safe!

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