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Sally came to town

Hurricane Sally arrived late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning and passed over our part of the world, 16 years to the day that Hurricane Ivan took the same path and made landfall over Gulf Shores, some 10 miles south of us.

Our power has been out since just after midnight on Tuesday so we were flying blind when the worst of the storm blew through. The dogs didn’t know what was going on. I’d be laying there in the dark and every so often I’d feel the dog breathing in my face or touching my leg. Believe me, there’s nothing fun about sitting blind in pitch black at 3:30 am, whether it be listening to the rain and screaming wind as unknown things are pelted at the house, or waiting for a tree or something to come flying through the window.

We made it through, though, luckier than some; the trees that did fall did so, thankfully, missing the buildings and vehicles (some by just feet), and because of our elevation, we were unaffected by the storm surge.

This morning the birds have come back. The stand of bananas that was shredded in the storm, I see now has already has its flowers pointing at the sky again. Life goes on.

Hoping to be back in the studio once our electricity has been restored.


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