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Sea Turtle Sgraffito Vase by Anne Webb

Anne Webb

Each vessel is thrown and trimmed then is coated with a dark slip (liquid clay). The slip is allowed to set up then a freehand design is carved through the slip to reveal the contrasting color of the clay beneath. This technique is called 'sgraffito' or 'scraffito'.

Each design is carved individually and, while there may be some common themes in the work such as local coastal flora and fauna, cats, etc., each is one of a kind. 

No mechanical method is used to produce these designs; they are all drawn freehand. 

These finished pieces are glazed and fired to approximately 2350 Fahrenheit (cone 10).



Lowell Webb

This body of work was inspired by the indigenous pottery of this area, which Lowell found while exploring local mounds along Mobile and Weeks Bays. He has been experimenting with various clay tempering and primitive firing methods, terra sigillata, and texturing.  

He calls these his “artificial artifacts" and hopes to provoke thought and distant memories of some long lost cultures, causing one to envision the possibility of who may have made them, and what hands they may have passed through, leaving an the impression that they have a story to tell, even if it comes from within ourselves." 

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