Aug 6 2013


Kids head back to school here in just 2 weeks. Another summer has whooshed past. ¬†While we had a beautiful spring, we’ve had so much rain here this summer that I feel like I live in a bog. About the only creatures happy about that are frogs and mosquitoes. My garden, which started out great guns, is waterlogged and pathetic, and have little to nothing to show for all the effort. ¬† The figs on the tree over ripened seemingly overnight, and the weeds have taken over. And pots.. well, it has been a struggle to get anything to dry.

All has not been a loss though. We’ve been working on building a wood kiln – a ‘manabigama‘ kiln modeled after the one featured in Ceramics Monthly a few years ago. Its been slow going, but we’re almost done now. Kiln is now under cover, the final layers of ‘stucco’ material is over the arch, and now there’s just the metal frame that needs welding. Hoping to complete that this week.

Building Progress - Manabigama wood kiln