Mar 22 2011

Please help

Days don’t go by without thinking of the people of Japan. What to say.. what to think.. what to do.. I think I heard on the radio yesterday that the dead/missing number was up to 21,000. Its all so much to take in.

Living on the Gulf Coast, it seems a lot more close to home. I have friends in Mississippi who were literally almost swept out to sea and others who’s homes were completely wiped out when Hurricane Katrina hit a few years ago. You see the photographs of the devastation, but I don’t think you can truly grasp what devastation of this type is until you see it first hand or know someone who has gone through it. I think of what I saw in Mississippi, only multiply it times 5 (!). ..and Japan has the additional threat brought on by the pending meltdown of 4 nuclear reactors.

We’ve been bombarded with info from online and the news (satellite photos of before and after, and countless video clips), but very little of the coverage, it seems, puts a human face to this tragedy. Euan Craig, a potter who lives with his familiy just outside of Mashiko Japan, gives a very moving and personal account on his blog. He is just one small voice.

Please help:

“Japan earthquake & Tsunami: How to help
” from yahoo news

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund

Handmade for Japan – “Handmade for Japan is an online auction of unique, handmade art donated by concerned, invited artists. One hundred percent of all net proceeds collected via the auction will be donated to Global Giving’s Earth and Tsunami Relief Fund”
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On eBay – online auction March 24-27, 2011
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Mashiko Pottery Foundation by Ken Matsuzaki

The Leach Pottery launches earthquake appeal for Mashiko Village


It almost seems surreal as we go about our regular routines here on this side of the globe. I finish up teaching a class session this week, have managed to clean the studio readying for a new work cycle, and have started on a new lot of carved porcelain pieces. Also have started working on taxes. ugh.. I wish I had a secretary. .. and, like every potter I know, a clone.

The other night the moon was supposedly the closest its been to Earth in around 18 years. Such a lovely clear night.

Full moon March 19, 2011