Jun 21 2008

Embedding my Stoneware video slideshow

Well this was an education posting videos on WordPress.com. It was actually quite easy. Apparently you need to use Vodpod. You install a widget-like menu item on your bookmark toolbar and you can add and embed videos into your WordPress blog from Youtube, Animoto, or various other sites.  WordPress has a Vodpod widget that you can add to your sidebar of videos you have faved on Vodpod. 

Anyways.. Here’s that video again that I put together through Animoto. Hope you like it.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.609279&w=425&h=350&fv=autostart%3Dfalse%26image%3D%2Fimages%2FvideoPlayer_greenScreen.gif%26file%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fs3-p.animoto.com%2FVideo%2F9G7atYKX0GCt2DJcw1GiFg.flv%26menu%3Dtrue%26volume%3D100%26quality%3Dhigh%26repeat%3Dfalse%26usekeys%3Dfalse%26showicons%3Dtrue%26showstop%3Dfalse%26showdigits%3Dfalse%26enablejs%3Dtrue%26usecaptions%3Dfalse%26bufferlength%3D12%26overstretch%3Dfalse%26remainonlastframe%3Dtrue%26javascriptid%3Dvideo_player%26backcolor%3D0x000000%26frontcolor%3D0xBBBBBB%26lightcolor%3D0xFFFFFF%26screencolor%3D0x000000%26width%3D432%26height%3D260]

more about “Webb Stoneware Pottery Selections“, posted with vodpod




Jun 21 2008


I was messing around with a Animoto, a website that helps you put together videos. Simply upload your pictures, choose some music, and voila.. a video. 

A selection of stoneware pots

Animoto is still quite new to me and have to work out how to embed the video window properly here in WordPress..