Jun 18 2013

Here today, gone tomorrow

Up late with the kiln tonight.

In an attempt to play catch up and whittle away at cleaning up my site after my long absence, I was going through my blogroll. Relieved, and in some ways, sad, to find that I was not alone in taking a hiatus.  Evidently many people have been away or not come back at all. It can be pretty tough keeping up with blogging, especially when you’re out of the habit or life takes you in a different direction.

The one thing about a blog or any other sort of journal, it needs to be relevant and serve a purpose.  For some its therapy,  some its habit, and for some its a way to generate more web site views, interest, and possibly sales.

I’ve noticed several people on my list, despite still having their web sites, have done away with their blogs completely.  Good or bad, I’m not really sure, but when I first started blogging, I was told by an art marketing expert and others, that even if you don’t have a web site yet, you need to come out of your comfort zone and blog. …blog blog blog! Get your name out there on the web, etc..  Since then, though, facebook, twitter, and umpteen other different social network sites have popped up and blossomed.

Well back to clay and then off to bed. G’nite.


Sep 24 2008

Waiting for the cone to bend

Webb Pottery mugs

So Its Tuesday night (Wednesday morning), its 12:20 am, and I’m up waiting for the cone to bend in the bisque so I can turn it off and go to bed.  Grabbed a cat nap a little while ago and though still a little bleary eyed, ready for the final stretch.

No matter how organized you *think* you are, the last 2 weeks leading up to a show tend to be somewhat more tense than usual, what with trying to make sure you have enough fired and hoping everything makes it through the firings okay (can you ever have enough pots?!).  With the studio more or less a construction zone, I have to work around the weather forcast  when it comes to glazing and other related outdoor activities.  Potting is a lot like a well coordinated dancing act.. timing is everything.

The first fall show is just over a week away.  The roof is finally on the studio (yay!) though rain can still blow through a bit from the sides, and I am still working out the house and around everything else.   Pushing things through the bisque as I can, relying soley on the small electric kiln since our other 2 larger ones are out of commission due to faulty bits that still need replacing.  Coming to the realization that tomorrow or the next day are probably my very last throwing days for the show Oct 4 & 5 (The George Ohr Festival in Biloxi, MS) and after that its just glazing and firing and hoping for good weather!   Doh.. forgot to order that replacement part for the canopy.  Tomorrow.

…And so show season begins!