New directions

A year is an awfully long time between blog posts. Well it may be time to revisit the practice of blogging. With so much personal stuff going on plus the allure of Facebook, and all the other Social Networking platforms, blogging seems to have taken a spot way down the list.

Wood kiln in action with nice cone shape flame

Well here I am, still alive, still making pots. We finished building¬†our wood kiln last year and have fired it with reasonable results. The ‘manabigama’ design is a bit of a killer to load with old knees, but virtually fires itself. Fires in the same amount of time as my old gas kiln, 12 to 14 hours, and with the exception of the very back of the kiln, it fired to a consistent cone 10-11. ¬†Still a lot of experimenting, tweaking, and testing to do yet.

Lowell got some results he wanted on his facejugs and wig stand that he put right up in front in the place of a bag wall, so some happy results came out of that last firing. Here are a few of his ugly boys.

Old timey wood fired facejusgsEveryone needs a home for their wig


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