Mar 28 2014

Its a frog strangler

I’m sitting here in my studio looking out the window a deluge of rain. Someone told me that when it rains here, its “like a cow peeing  on a rock”. Of course that’s not exactly the wording he used, but its a fitting Southern colloquialism.    It is what one would call “a real frog strangler”.  I had to navigate around 5 inch deep puddles, balancing my umbrella and my coffee cup. Feet and shoes are soaked. Gross. Pretty depressing when you know you’re supposed to be loading the truck to do go out of town for a show.

Thankfully, (hooray!!) I realized this afternoon I have another week before our next show, not this weekend!  Yes! So we will be heading to downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana for FestforAll on April 5th and 6th!  Maybe we’ll see you there! :)