Here today, gone tomorrow

Up late with the kiln tonight.

In an attempt to play catch up and whittle away at cleaning up my site after my long absence, I was going through my blogroll. Relieved, and in some ways, sad, to find that I was not alone in taking a hiatus.  Evidently many people have been away or not come back at all. It can be pretty tough keeping up with blogging, especially when you’re out of the habit or life takes you in a different direction.

The one thing about a blog or any other sort of journal, it needs to be relevant and serve a purpose.  For some its therapy,  some its habit, and for some its a way to generate more web site views, interest, and possibly sales.

I’ve noticed several people on my list, despite still having their web sites, have done away with their blogs completely.  Good or bad, I’m not really sure, but when I first started blogging, I was told by an art marketing expert and others, that even if you don’t have a web site yet, you need to come out of your comfort zone and blog. …blog blog blog! Get your name out there on the web, etc..  Since then, though, facebook, twitter, and umpteen other different social network sites have popped up and blossomed.

Well back to clay and then off to bed. G’nite.


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