Moved the showroom today!

Today with the help of our neighbour and a John Deere tractor, we’ve moved our showroom :) Pulling the building

When we first got this little outbuilding a few years ago, the most accessible place to get a truck in to put the building, was up toward the front of the property. Its been really convenient up there for some things. It was an easy place to pull up the truck to load up for shows, and for customers so they didn’t have far to go up our driveway (which has been known to be somewhat treacherous at times). When we were not doing shows, I would sweep it out each spring and set up the show display in case a customer wanted to drop by. Prior to getting the building I would have to set up the display spur of the moment on the deck, for when I knew the customer would be arriving and then have to take everything down after they left. It was a bit of a crazy scramble. Having the building made all this a lot easier.

HelpersThe plan has always been to finish it, add lighting, a permanent display just for the showroom, and do some landscaping around it, all to give it a more enticing appearance. Its been about 4 years now and, for one reason or another, we haven’t made a great deal of progress, short of rudimentarily putting in a few windows. Running power the two or three hundred feet from the pole was going to cost a bit and it was just a bit too far to even run an extension cord to work on it. Sooo this spring we tossed around the idea of moving the building.

Now the building sits a lot closer to the studio, in the spot where I had my garden last year. It looks much happier there (if a building could look happy). There will be enough room around it to put a small porch and do some gardening. But before that, we need to level it, stake it into the ground (in prep for hurricane season), and then start fixing up the inside, of course. beforeAfterBuddy and Shino

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2 Responses to “Moved the showroom today!”

  • Linda StarrNo Gravatar Says:

    I didn’t see where is was before, but I think it definitely looks happy there. Just the other day I saw an ad on craigslist for a brick house and a building somewhere in Alabama and I was dreaming of moving my studio, maybe one of these days. Are you on a main road? Do you get driver’s by stopping in? When I lived in the mountains artist friends had a sign out on the road and people would stop in there during the summer.

    • adminNo Gravatar Says:

      We’re on a paved county road, not a main thoroughfare. I don’t think that one necessarily has to have a storefront in town to get traffic coming through. Sometimes being out in the country is more like a destination. Just kind of makes more sense to me to have your showroom near your studio.. no rent/added overhead, you can work in the studio when there is no traffic, and I think, frankly, people like to see where you work as well.

      Right now we pretty much request that customers come by appointment only. We’re planning to fix up the showroom more before we put a road signs out and make a more concerted effort to get the word out. I’m certainly looking forward to being at that point.

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