Coming up for Spring Air

Red Geranium FlowerpotDo you ever feel like time folds?  I was reminded again yesterday that it was spring when I drove past the usual fields on my way to Fairhope,  and I noticed all the pecan branches finally leafing out (a sure sign here in the South that cold temperatures are past).

May is just around the corner and this winter/spring, I’ve revamped our web site, had 2 shows, had 3 waves of illness blow through here (and been knocked on my ear 2 of those times), finished the taxes, did a major studio clean out and reorg, survived spring break,  and had my wheel die.  I can’t believe its been a month since I’ve posted anything here.

Lowell's test kilnHere’s a picture of a little gas test kiln Lowell is building out of spare bits we had laying about, including some homemade burners.  It will be used mostly to test glazes, but if all goes well, it will be a good size to fire a last small batch for an order or before a show when we don’t have quite enough to fill the other kiln.

I mentioned earlier my wheel died.  Its really frustrating especially considering we replaced the motor and circuit board a little over a year ago. Also frustrating because I finally got my little throwing area just the way I want it.  So now I am flip flopping around the studio, dividing throwing time between an electric kickwheel and that little Shimpo Aspire tabletop wheel I’ve mentioned in other posts.  My friend Marilyn Farrell (from New Brunswick) once said “never get too dependent on one specific tool or piece of equipment”.  Boy those are pretty shrewd words.  I hear her saying them every day lately.  I am having to stand up to throw on the Aspire, then its a different posture altogether working on the kickwheel.  While I appreciate being able to adapt like that, I much prefer a regular electric wheel to work at on regular basis.

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7 Responses to “Coming up for Spring Air”

  • Gary DexterNo Gravatar Says:

    Anne, I had my Shimpo controller go out twice in one year. The part was around $250! I started looking and learning about these little circuit boards and found a company in California that made them. I had to wade through pages of product, but finally found a compatible one at a fraction of the cost of ordering from Shimpo. The company is Minarik Drives.

    • annewebbNo Gravatar Says:

      Hey, thank you Gary! I really appreciate you sharing that info.. I really hate how manufacturers strip all the info panels off their motors etc and are not forthcoming with any specs.
      I hate to hear that about a Shimpo.

      We’re still troubleshooting the prob on the wheel here. The company suggested that we send the motor, panel and foot pedal in so they could test it and diagnose the problem (which we haven’t done so far).

  • HoustonBrianNo Gravatar Says:

    Nice to see you posting again.
    I hope you received my email a few days ago.
    Let me know, if not I’ll resend.


    • annewebbNo Gravatar Says:

      Hey Brian.. Hey thanks, Brian. Hoping I can get more into the swing and routine of blogging more regularly again. :) Its just a crazy time of yr here.

      re your email..Can you send it again? I know I saw one come in from you, and I planned to go back to it when I had a chance, but I couldn’t find it last night.

  • cynthiaNo Gravatar Says:

    Great little test kiln – makes me wish my husband was a potter – he likes to putter and make stuff once in awhile.

    You’ve been busy, Anne! Bummer about the wheel – too bad you don’t live closer…I’d let you borrow mine. Mine is too often a table top for hand building. :( I’m not throwing much anymore.

  • UndauntedNo Gravatar Says:

    Sounds like you have been busy! No wonder you haven’t blogged in a while!

    Sorry to hear about the wheel. The little kiln is looking great!

  • Linda StarrNo Gravatar Says:

    How nice to have a little kiln like that; that’s some special building skill, I’d like to learn one of these days. Sorry about your wheel and three illnesses. My friend brought over his ancient Shimpo so he (and I) could throw outside here. I was kind of worried about it so I covered it up with a special cover to protect it from the weather.

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