A New Workspace!

For the last 2 yrs or so, the studio has been in a state of absolute chaos. It has been part construction zone and part dumping ground for all sorts of non-clay related stuff… well, yes,, there was some clay in there somewhere too.

Eventually I got to the point where I threw up my hands, moved my wheel into the house, and set up a little work area in there. Not the ideal situation either, what with clay dust, etc, not to mention the challenges of proximity and navigation to the kiln with pots (doors, stairs, etc). After a while I would only venture to the studio when it was time to glaze a kiln load.  Each and every time, I had to spend valuable time reorganizing, clearing surfaces, finding tools, etc., which was frustrating, before I could even get started. It kind of takes a toll on you after a while and doesn’t do a thing for your productivity or state of mind.

work spaceWell this week I have finally moved my wheel back into the studio. I now have my own dedicated  section of the studio to throw, where all my tools are within reach and laid out so they’re easy to see and find. The addition of shelving and some pegboard makes it so much easier to keep organized and my work surfaces clear and instantly usable.

Behind my chair I have a bookshelf that holds bats as well as other small tools that I occasionally use.

work table and slab roller

Here in another section of the studio, is a waist high handbuilding station/table, right beside the slab roller.  Again a pegboard mounted above gives a place to hang related tools instead of cluttering up the surface .  (I haven’t tried it yet, but the table is  also the perfect height for throwing on that little tabletop Aspire wheel as well.)  Buckets of glaze sit under the table and out of the way.

I was surprised at how much more productive I have been this week and how much calmer I feel overall.  Its so much nicer to walk in in the morning and cuz I know I can start working right away and I’ll be able to find what I’m looking for.

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10 Responses to “A New Workspace!”

  • Rob LorenzNo Gravatar Says:

    Congrats on the new digs! I know what it is like trying to work when your space is a mess. My studio is currently set up in a corner of the garage. I try to keep it pretty tidy, but it invariably goes down hill sooner or later. The book shelf and the peg board are geat ideas. everything looks very user friendly.

  • cynthiaNo Gravatar Says:

    You have a fantastic studio space, Anne!! I can imagine that you are more productive now – it’s hard to be in flux…

  • UndauntedNo Gravatar Says:

    Oh, I need one of those! You studio space looks great, and I like the lighting too. I’m working in my kitchen and it drives me insane! I have to stop and move every time hubby wants a drink! We have a sort of lean-to thing on the back of the house, but it’s colder out there than it is outside!! Roll on the warmer weather!

  • Linda StarrNo Gravatar Says:

    Wow, how supurbly neat your studio is and so well organized. I’ve reorganized mine, but thrown a lot of tools in bins, you are an inspiraiton to me to get even more organized, thx.

  • annewebbNo Gravatar Says:

    Thank you guys.. Its not perfect yet, but, boy, its definitely a step in the right direction. Its been a week now and I am loving it! Hopefully living with the space for a bit will give a little more insight as to how to fine tune things.

    Undaunted.. goodness I remember those days working on the kitchen table. ugh! I gather that lean-to is an option for you come summer..? Bring on the warm weather indeed!

    Linda – What you’re seeing is just part of the studio.. We’re working through other areas bit by bit. The studio has 3 12×24′ sections (one section still needs a new roof..leaks terribly), and an upstairs (that still needs to be closed in). Sounds big, eh? Not considering the amt of stuff we have(both pottery related and not) and the fact that there are 2 of us… it gets crowded fast.

  • PatriciaNo Gravatar Says:

    STudio is looking great! Congrats!

  • HoustonBrianNo Gravatar Says:

    Look very spacious, I’m going to have to show you my diggs. I work in a laundry closet between my washer and dryer. :)

    My “Studio”


    • annewebbNo Gravatar Says:

      Believe me Brian, I’ve been there!! You do what you gotta do to make pots. :)
      Great idea with the blue tarp. Must be a bit of a drag, though, when you need to take clothes out or put clothes into your dryer..

  • HoustonBrianNo Gravatar Says:

    Yeah, it’s a huge pain actually. But I’m planning on moving into a house at the end of the year and I’ll have a garage to set up a studio. Maybe an extruder and a slab roller too.

  • Steven SmithNo Gravatar Says:

    Very nice blog. Thanks

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