Looking to Nature


This weekend we were out on a forage for interesting and unusual driftwood. One of the nicest spots around here for this, is down at the Gulf, off of Fort Morgan Road (west of Gulf Shores).

I love these little jaunts. The beach is just full of unusual finds, interesting patterns, and unexpected textures.   It is a great place to seek inspiration and come up with some fresh ideas.  Check out the section of  sand in the photo above, formed by the ebbing of the water.  It reminded me of a Japanese Zen Garden.

Here are a few other photos.


Upended Roots
Shoreline off Fort Morgan

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4 Responses to “Looking to Nature”

  • Linda StarrNo Gravatar Says:

    Wow, trees growing that close to the ocean, how neat. What beautiful photos, would love to visit there sometime.

    • annewebbNo Gravatar Says:

      Thanks Linda :) The trees that are close to the shore are pretty neat. Live oaks are beautifully gnarled and a lot smaller than the sprawling oaks you see further inland. The trees in these pictures are both oaks and pines…

      The shoreline used to extend a lot further out than it does now. Apparently when the tide is out, you can sometimes find pottery shards from the tribes that lived in that area. That shoreline is on the Mobile Bay side of Fort Morgan Rd, vs the Gulf side..

  • cindy shakeNo Gravatar Says:

    I first noticed how white the sand is! It’s beautiful. Those tree roots are amazing too -I also like to be inspired by Nature. Great pictures of another part of the world that’s not covered in snow :o)

    • annewebbNo Gravatar Says:

      Hey Cindy.. Yes the sand is beautifully white. When you walk through it and kind of shuffle your feet, it makes a sound kind of like corduroy pants do. There’s a beach in Prince Edward Island I know of like that and they call it “the singing sands”. It looks like pure silica sand.
      (spring’s just around the corner!)

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