Feb 10 2009

Looking to Nature


This weekend we were out on a forage for interesting and unusual driftwood. One of the nicest spots around here for this, is down at the Gulf, off of Fort Morgan Road (west of Gulf Shores).

I love these little jaunts. The beach is just full of unusual finds, interesting patterns, and unexpected textures.   It is a great place to seek inspiration and come up with some fresh ideas.  Check out the section of  sand in the photo above, formed by the ebbing of the water.  It reminded me of a Japanese Zen Garden.

Here are a few other photos.


Upended Roots
Shoreline off Fort Morgan

Feb 3 2009


alabamagoods.com Coffee and Webb Dragonfly MugWe were contacted last fall by the folks at AlabamaGoods.com who wanted to add some of our pottery to their shop online.

Opened in 2007, the  AlabamaGoods.com site is focused on selling items from Alabama, ranging from pickles to pottery to clothing items.

Pictured here, our stoneware pottery mug has been paired up with some O’Henry’s CoffeesSumatra Gold Roast and offered as a corporate gift box set on the AlabamaGoods.com site:  http://alabamagoods.com/clay-mug-coffee.html