English Country Potter

A few kind people from the UK posted this excerpt from the 1965 film ‘Isaac Button: Country Potter‘, directed by John Anderson and Robert Fournier .

The last time I saw this film (and it had no soundtrack at the time) was at that wonderful Fusion clay conference in Ottawa I had mentioned a few posts ago.  We were very fortunate that conference to have John Leach not only as our presenter, but for his  wonderful narration of this silent film, talking about Mr Buttons and his pottery, as well as fielding questions.

Isaac Buttons was one of the last in a long tradition of country potters.  It is said that he could throw a ton of clay in a day, and gauging from his systematic and efficient way of throwing (a pot in 22 seconds), and the scale of some of his pots, that is certainly not inconcievable.

I would love to have a copy of this film in its entirety to add to my collection, but I have yet to find it for sale.  I’m forever hopeful that it will come up one of these days!

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4 Responses to “English Country Potter”

  • Emily MurphyNo Gravatar Says:

    I love Issac Buttons! We had a copy of this video when I was in school and we watched it over and over again. I’ve also searched for it for years and I’m so happy that it seems to have resurfaced on YouTube!

    On another note- I went to the link that took me directly to this post (from Twitter) and there was no place to click on to comment. I went to the main page and the link appeared on the top of the post. hmmm.

  • UndauntedNo Gravatar Says:

    Wow, all that while smoking a pipe! He makes it look incredibly easy.

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