Sept 28 – Slow Sunday: Bake local, Think Global

Bake your own bread today – A simple, symbolic act for big change.

In today’s society, and actually since the beginning of the industrial age, we have been inundated (and programmed) from all sides as to what we must have, what we must buy, and how we must live.   “Don’t think, just get it bigger, faster, and more of it… NOW!  Get more and more stuff.  Keep up with the Joneses!”    ..but In the grander scheme of things.. why?

Fast food, convenience food, and processed food, not only take a toll on our health and pocket book, but our taste buds too.  Here in Alabama, the price of a so called “better” loaf of bread from the grocery store is over $3-$4 now.  You’re certainly not paying extra for flavor (of which there is little) or quality, but for the manufacturing, transport, packaging, preservatives, and convenience.   (it cannot possibly rival taste, texture, and nutrition value of homemade)

Slow Sunday, a day designated by Britain’s ecology magazine, Resurgence,  to encourage people to slow down.  Small actions done collectively, can speak loudly.  Baking bread today is a small act to defy consumerism and help the environment.

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3 Responses to “Sept 28 – Slow Sunday: Bake local, Think Global”

  • liajoNo Gravatar Says:

    Please don’t just bake your bread today, but almost any day. Bake zuchinni and pumpkin in the fall from fresh vegetables you grow yourself or find at farmers market. You will never be able to something as wonderful in any store.

  • cynthiaNo Gravatar Says:

    I confess, I’ve never made my own bread. I guess I’ve just never tried.

    My grandmother, on the other hand, made everything from scratch – my hero.

    I am making muffins from scratch today rather than just scratching the box. :)

  • annewebbNo Gravatar Says:

    You’re the second person who mentioned to me that they would be making muffins. heheh

    liajo … that is a fantastic idea. Wish it was harvest season here in the south. People are just now putting in their fall gardens.
    Most of the bread I have made has been pretty basic, but my friend here in town just made the most fabulous bread with pesto and sun dried tomatoes in it. Very rustic and hearty. It is to die for.

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