Along came a spider…..

Yellow Garden Spider found by the wheel

I spotted this *little* fellow as I sat down at my wheel the other evening. These yellow garden spiders usually live outside but somehow this one had made its way inside.

Spider set free onto elephant ear leaf outside

These spiders (unlike black widows, brown widows, and brown recluses , among others) don’t really concern me too much since they are not aggressive and just eat insects. Still… the size, especially if you are not accustomed to them, could be quite disconcerting (hopefully the photo with my hand will give some idea of scale). Thankfully I’m not petrified of spiders so I trapped this one in an empty yogurt container and put her back outside.

Anyone who does anything with clay in the south, I am sure, are already quite familiar with the mud dauber wasp that takes bits of clay and builds tube-like structures where its larvae can grow to maturity. Apparently they are natural enemies to black widow spiders! Knowing that, I will think twice about removing a nest that’s stuck to a beam, wall, or post the next time I see one, especially around the studio.

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4 Responses to “Along came a spider…..”

  • cynthiaNo Gravatar Says:

    I lived in Texas as a teen and remember how gigantic the insects were. One species I remember were the palmettos – basically huge roaches that used to take siestas in our shoes. I learned fast to shake them out before putting shoes on real quick! Everything must be bigger in Texas – or maybe it’s the south in general. :)

    We have spiders and the like here, but I haven’t seen anything too big. We normally relocate the ones we do find to the outside – they’re our friends.

  • annewebbNo Gravatar Says:

    Oh yes.. unfortunately, we have palmetto bugs here too (guess its all the same latitude). I’m glad they live primarily outside but occasionally you do see them inside. Not like the small brown infesting german roaches, but still…. ew.

  • JessicaNo Gravatar Says:

    your spider looks scarier than mine! and I’m petrified of spiders – guess I’ll stay in PA 😛
    awesome photo though – I respect the spider – as long as he/she maintains a fair distance away!

  • Gay JudsonNo Gravatar Says:

    Anne, I am tagging you–hope you will enjoy the ride. Here are the rules of the dreaded “tagging” thing:

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    Six Random Things About Me:

    1. My sisters are both great game players and get very grumpy when I beg out of a game…
    2. I made (stitched-up) my first bra because my mother said I did not need one yet.
    3. I have an insatsiable sweet-tooth.
    4. I studied Spanish for 4 or 5 years and still can’t speak it!
    5. In my pre-teen years, my favorite place was the Carnagie Library in a small east Texas town.
    6. I am thinking about moving to Mexico if we loose this election.

    Happy tagging. Gay Judson

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