Mugs, Throwing, and the Birdie

This spring I took one of Alyson Stanfield’s latest art marketing workshops based on her recently published book I’d Rather be in the Studio. I’ve been following her blog on and off for a few years now and it is great, but its nothing like having her right in front of you to interact with and ask questions of, not to mention feed off some of her positive energy.

I regret that this summer has been crazy with both kids home and increasingly demanding as they get older. In preparation for the upcoming time with *both* of them in school and a fairly regular daily schedule of uninterrupted time in the studio (its been so long), I’ve spent the last few weeks cleaning, sorting, organizing, and FINALLY going through bits of Alyson’s book, hoping to start this fall show season off some good footing. With several bags of trash and reclaim removed and the wheel moved to a different spot to allow a better work flow, my work area is so much more inviting and I actually really like being there. The girls went back to school this past Monday and its been really good.

Late last week, in my cleaning frenzy, I finally came across my little tabletop camera tripod which I thought would be really helpful in shooting some pottery videos unassisted. I’ve posted a few videos on Youtube in the past 2 yrs, but my intention all along was to post some demos online as well. Youtube is another great free resource available to get our work and names out there! Making a demo tape is a lot harder than it looks and most certainly different throwing for a camera than for someone in front of you.

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Baby Mockingbird

On a sadder note, I haven’t posted much about my little baby mockingbird lately. After his first week of successfully being spoonfed, he/she jumped up one day and bunged up his/her leg. I guess their little legs and bones are pretty fragile because that one never came back. He was lame in the one leg, then a few days later he stopped using his other. Last Saturday morning we found him/her motionless in his little box. I’ll miss the little guy. I was really rooting for him.

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7 Responses to “Mugs, Throwing, and the Birdie”

  • NatalieNo Gravatar Says:

    Hey I’m so sorry about your little birdie. I was pulling for the little thing, too!

    Great video, by the way! Enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.


  • Mary CaminNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Anne Thanks for visiting my blog. I have been working hard on my studio since I have begun having open studios again. Putting everything I can on casters, some painting and decluttering so it can be more easily transformed (cleaned) to a show space.

    Your blog looks great, and is so informative, gosh … everyone seems so beyond my simple one. My “to do” list seems endless and I move slow these hot days
    (107 today) in sunny central California.

  • cynthiaNo Gravatar Says:

    Awesome video Anne!

    I’m sorry to hear about your little bird too…

  • Alyson B. StanfieldNo Gravatar Says:

    Yea, Anne! A video! That’s fantastic.

    And I, too, mourn with you. What a beautiful little soul. He was lucky to have you care for him (her?).

  • Patricia GriffinNo Gravatar Says:

    Thanks for mentioning Stanfield’s blog. I checked it out and now have it on my reading list!

  • annewebbNo Gravatar Says:

    Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts about “Tweet” aka “Pancake” (when you have a 4 yr old names tend to change daily). I guess nature knows best..

    And thanks for the comments about the video too. :)

    Mary.. Your studio is looking great. I’m always looking for ways to streamline and organize. I like the idea of things on castors.

  • Brian MNo Gravatar Says:

    I’m glad I came across your blog it’s been very helpful in my dream to open my own studio/shop. I’m currently working on trying out my own etsy site
    since I’m running out of room for my stuff. I’ll keep reading! i’m going to pick up that book too!

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