TweetLowell came in this morning with this little baby mockingbird he found hopping across the road with no parents in sight, no nest in sight, and on his way to getting run over. Pretty obvious he had fallen out of his nest. He is quite a skilled hopper, even for a little guy.

For now, we are spoon feeding him and hopefully we’ll be able to set him free once his flight feathers grow in. As anyone who has found little wild chicks like this can tell you, it can be a challenge to keep baby wild birds alive once you take them in. I hope this little guy, who my daughter has already nicknamed “Tweet”, makes it.

To feed him I am using a tiny baby spoon which is actually just a little narrower than the inside diameter of his beak. A teaspoon can also work well if you bend the edges of the spoon in and kind of over to fit inside the bird’s beak enough to get the food down its throat.

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5 Responses to “Foundling”

  • Mary Anne DavisNo Gravatar Says:

    Sweet. Good luck with him (her). She (he) is lucky you took (him) her in.

  • annewebbNo Gravatar Says:

    Thanks, Mary Anne. :) Well I hope it will be a good thing, taking him/her in. I am always hesitant taking in wild babies since its a 50/50 (if that) chance of them surviving. Such heartbreaking when you lose them. But I suppose better odds form him/her than out on the road.

  • marianne stebenneNo Gravatar Says:

    especially sweet experiences for the small ones..

    the hesitation is also true with other aspects of our lives as well. each time a decision is made the future events are not always known. how much protection /
    risk are we willing to take or give? a curious question.

    i hope to hear more of the story as it progresses… and also wonder if you have the prospects of having birds appear in your raku vessel series.. would be an interesting marriage… of reality based pottery..

  • TaschaNo Gravatar Says:

    That is wonderful! I am so happy you are helping him. He has such big legs for such a small bird!

  • annewebbNo Gravatar Says:

    heheh yeah doesn’t he! He’s still going strong after 2 days now. :)

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