Bernard Leach

Thanks to my friend Kathy, here is a great quote by Bernard Leach, the father of modern day studio pottery:

Every artist knows that he is engaged in an encounter with infinity, and that work done with heart and hand is ultimately worship of life itself.
Bernard Leach

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4 Responses to “Bernard Leach”

  • TashaNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Anne!

    My best friend’s younger brother is an aspiring potter and he’s hoping to get into the School of the Arts here in Singapore, so i am helping him take photos of his work for his portfolio. However, i do not have the needed lighting, but i do have a decent Nikon DSLR . Do you have any tips for me as to how i can take decent shots for his portfolio?

    Tasha :)

  • annewebbNo Gravatar Says:

    i sent you an email Tascha :) Hope its a help.

  • Pam McFadyenNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Anne,
    Thanks so much for your comments on my blog. I found the setting to change the moderation as you suggested. I hadn’t realized that the comments were limited to blogger clients. That tabletop wheel looks fantastic! Portability would be great in the summer as I could throw outside :)
    Cheers, Pam

  • annewebbNo Gravatar Says:

    oh you’re welcome Pam :)
    Hope it means you hear from more people now.

    Re the wheel, that’s kind of what I was thinking. Having to drag an awkward heavy wheel around sure takes some of the fun out of throwing outside (believer me, I did it most every fine day last summer). It was always such a big deal.

    With this little guy I’ll probably throw outside and trim inside since the Giffin Grip won’t fit the little 7″ wheel head.

    Thanks Pam :)

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