Experimenting with technique

Last fall I started experimenting with bas relief (low relief) design on pots and hand built forms. This style of carving and design seemed to me a natural progression/extension of the designed raku pieces I already do.

Unfired Designed platter

I had a number of pieces ready to glaze, but when we started having serious issues last fall with our raw materials that consequently, left our old standby glazes unusable, I put the pieces safely away until some of the technical issues were resolved. With all that work, I was reluctant to commit them to the fire.

With some long needed changes to the kiln this spring, and a fresh full bucket of celadon glaze, I finally felt brave enough to commit them to the fire.

Carving a relief design and knowing how the glaze will play with it, has its learning curve like everything else. I am anxious to see how this process evolves.

Relief Designed Platter with celadon glaze

Here is that same platter after it came out of the kiln last Friday. It was glazed with celadon then fired to Cone 10 (2400 F) in a gas kiln.:

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3 Responses to “Experimenting with technique”

  • cynthiaNo Gravatar Says:

    The carving and plate is really beautiful, Anne! Celadon is one of my very favorite glazes and perfect over carving.

  • annewebbNo Gravatar Says:

    Now that I can finally get reduction in this kiln and have committed more pots to the fire, I can easily see how one can become entranced by celadons. They have a quiet presence that is for sure. Thanks for the complement on the carving, Cynthia. Now that I have seen it glazed, I have a reference point to work from.

  • almapotteryNo Gravatar Says:

    very pretty,it looks like soft green jade

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